Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

WiP Stormtrooper ?!?

I'm working on a color sheme for a small Grey Knight army i want to build. And somehow i came up with painting the marine in white. I really like it so far, but honestly, doesnt it look like a Storm Trooper of Star Wars? ^^

Well ill finish the test miniature and if i still like it it at the end, i will paint the whole army like thar. You're opinion?

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  1. Alter Schwede....

    the miniture and your paintjob is fantastic.
    All your models are looking damm good.
    Pleace paint more of the Grey Knights and
    show the world what are you able to do.

    Carlos i´m a big fan off your work and hope i can learn painting as good as you.

    Sorry for my english, it was not my favorite lesson at school


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