Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

Mordheim - Dwarf warband - Relaunch

After all the rumors of AoS being played on round bases I put some elves on some of them just to see how my beloved fantasy miniatures would look on them. I like round bases since I play Infinity and dunno why I didn't tried them before on my Mordheim dwarves. Now that I've done it I must say it looks great!

Therefore I decided not only to build new bases but although to buy a bunch of new miniatures for a warband of my taste. For the close combat fighters I'll stick with the scibor miners but for the heroes and crossbow wielders I bought a lot of miniatures from Avatars of War. I love their sculpts and I think they'll make a great group of Mordheim dwarves.

But I didn't just buy new dwarves, I although painted one of them with a selfmade roundbase. The cobblestones are made of greenstuff, so one base takes me quite some time. But the result is nice and I think to make enough of them for one warband should be no problem.

Last but not least I started painting the engineer hero yesterday. Up till now I painted about 3 hours and I think I'll need 5 more to finish him. It's a lovely model and I can't wait to finish him!

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015

MicroArt Studio Habitat

I got my hands on one of the new foamboard/mdf buildings from MicroArt Studio. Though it isn't playable in the inside it still is a great piece of terrain in my opinion. It has quite an amount of details and is assembled easily. As for the paintjob I used some Montana spraycans without any sort of basecoat, followed by highlighting certain details with brushes. Then I glued some ads I "designed" in a graphic program and soiled the whole building with different pigments. I know I could have done a better job, but I'm more than satisfied with the result, given the time I invested.

If you want to know where I got the building and the Montana spraycans, take a look at this onlineshop: Laughing-Jack
Laughing-Jack has a great range of Infinity terrain and painting materials!

Ich hab vor kurzen eines der neuen Hartschaum/MDF Gebäude von MicroArt Studio in die Hände bekommen. Obwohl es nicht von Innen bespielbar ist, ist es dennoch ein klasse Geländestück. Es ist zum einen detailreich und zum anderen richtig schnell zusammengebaut. Was die Bemalung angeht hab ich überwiegend mit Montana Spraydosen gearbeitet und anschließend die Details mit dem Pinsel hervorgehoben. Danach hab ich ein paar im Grafikprogramm "designte" Werbungen angeklebt und das ganze Gebäude mit Pigmenten verschmutzt. Ich denke ich hätte es sicher besser hinbekommen, aber für die investierte Zeit bin ich mehr als zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis.

Falls ihr wissen wollt, wo ich das Gebäude und die Montana Sprühdosen gekauft habe, hier der Link zum Onlineshop: Laughing-Jack
Laughing-Jack hat ein großartiges Sortiment an Infinity Gelände und Malutensilien im Angebot!