Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

Mordheim - Dwarf warband - Relaunch

After all the rumors of AoS being played on round bases I put some elves on some of them just to see how my beloved fantasy miniatures would look on them. I like round bases since I play Infinity and dunno why I didn't tried them before on my Mordheim dwarves. Now that I've done it I must say it looks great!

Therefore I decided not only to build new bases but although to buy a bunch of new miniatures for a warband of my taste. For the close combat fighters I'll stick with the scibor miners but for the heroes and crossbow wielders I bought a lot of miniatures from Avatars of War. I love their sculpts and I think they'll make a great group of Mordheim dwarves.

But I didn't just buy new dwarves, I although painted one of them with a selfmade roundbase. The cobblestones are made of greenstuff, so one base takes me quite some time. But the result is nice and I think to make enough of them for one warband should be no problem.

Last but not least I started painting the engineer hero yesterday. Up till now I painted about 3 hours and I think I'll need 5 more to finish him. It's a lovely model and I can't wait to finish him!

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