Sonntag, 24. September 2017

Death Guard - Plague Marines

Today for something different. Up till now I couldn't find anything that would make me play 40K. Even though friends of mine have been playing GWs main system for ages, I just didn't like the different Space Marine models. To me they all seemed rather similar. Something that I found quite sad. I've read the Horus Heresy (well at least the first 3 books) some years ago and they were very fascinating. Therefore it was even more frustrating for me, that GW didn't work on more different looking models for the different orders. Of course there were exceptions like the Grey Knights but after all I wasn't interested in the rules and there was no faction I wanted to get my hands on.

All this changed with the 8th edition. The Primaris Ultra Marines looked great. The proportions seem more ... coherent. Even so Ultra Marines are not what I wanted. The second faction of the starter set on the other hand? Holy shit!

I knew of the Death Guard from the Horus Heresy books, but what GW made out of their artworks was astonishing. Corrupted Marines with demonic touch. Beautiful! The artist in me wanted nothing but to paint some of them. Lucky me a friend of mine bought the starter set and just wanted to have the Ultra Marines. So I bought his Death Guard and started painting. Up till now I have 4 Plague Marines finished and every one of them was like a little adventure. I tried different techniques on each of them and though they look rather different if you look close up, they still make a nice little squad. Well it is no squad yet. One more to go for my first 40K unit. Let's see what I can try on the next one. :D

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